Politics of the Individual - Seminars for high school students

Libek's first educational project, launched in 2010. and created for highschool pupils. The seminar is traditionally held in the span of two days during which participants are introduced to the political philosophy of libertarianism and take part in interactive workshops.

The Politics of the Individual seminar is designed with the aim to introduce participants to the basics of the political tradition of liberalism with a focus on the practical application of ideas in order to solve various social issues. Topics at the seminar include individual rights, issues of equality and justice, understanding of the civil society and the state, as well as basic postulates of economics.

The seminar has thus far been held fourteen times in various cities in Serbia. Besides Belgrade, we've visited Niš, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and Pančevo. After completion of the seminar, our relationship with participants often continues through the Public Policy Academy.