Diplomas award ceremony to the participants of the Academy of Liberal Politics

On Saturday, 16th of June, we awarded diplomas to the seventh generation of students of the Academy of Liberal Politics. The Academy of Libe...

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On Saturday, 16th of June, we awarded diplomas to the seventh generation of students of the Academy of Liberal Politics. The Academy of Liberal Politics is our most important and comprehensive education program and represents the most significante step towards quality education for freedom.

At the award ceremony, Jovana Stanisavljevic, former communication manager, addressed the audience, congratulated and thanked for the outstanding cooperation during the nine months of this program.

Milos Nikolic, President of Libek, also congratulated the Academy's graduates, stressing that "this generation is a generation of great individuals with the best intellectual equipments and an equal generation in which the generation gap is least felt among the oldest and the youngest participants"

The most important associations to this seventh generation of ALP for Nikolic are "deepening and quality". In addition, Nikolic emphasized the connection between the Academy of Liberal Politics and the Introduction to totalitarian studies, since four students of last year's UST program completed the Academy of Liberal Politics this year.

During the nine months of the Academy from October to June, the participants, in addition to the main lectures, engaged in economics, politics, political philosophy, law, bioethics, attended six courses - Capitalism and Freedom, School of Objectivism, John Galt, Course of Debate, Journalism, Course of Public Opinion Research and Public Policy Analysis. The participants also had a creative program during which relevant literary and film works were processed.

This years, Academy was distinguished from the previous is terms of an improved program with three new courses.Practical course, public appearance and presentation skills are new programs, within the participants mastered basic skills and techniques of public appearance; then the „Order of Freedom“ program within we dealt with the political philosophy of liberalism and Pop folk (The Course on Contemporary Population), in which we discussed why popularism is so popular, what are its roots and in which forms it appears today.

As last year and this year, the participants went through the Economic Journalism Course, which aims to teach students the skills of writing economic news and two more compulsory courses - Public Policy Analysis and Public Opinion Research Techniques. In addition to the courses, the Creative Program was held, during which the participants dealt with some of the most important literary works and film achievements.

This year, the student of the generation is Aleksandar Hadzic, who, in addition to the diploma, as a gift from Libek received the book " The Fountainhead " by Ayn Rand.

We thank to all the lecturers, associates and partners who contributed to this Academy to strengthen Libek's place as a leading research and educational organization, which aims to empower and educate young people for the free society of responsible individuals.

List of graduates:

Aleksandar Hadzic, Faculty of Law

Aleksandra Mihajlovic, Faculty of Political Science

Ana Jovanic, Faculty of Political Science

Ivan Radanovic, Faculty of Economics

Jovana Simic, Faculty of Political Science

Katarina Tomic, Faculty of Philosophy

Lazar Ivanovic, Faculty of Political Science

Marija Maric, Faculty of Political Science

Marina Pavlovic, Faculty of Political Science

Marta Vasic, Faculty of Political Science

Martin Pantovic, Faculty of Philosophy

Nada Bakrac, Faculty of Law

Petar Rankovic, Faculty of Political Science

Stefan Dimitrijevic, Faculty of Political Sciences

Teodora Resetar, Faculty of Philology

Uroš Elekovic, Faculty of Security

Uroš Radulovic, Faculty of Philosophy

Vanja Pavčič, Faculty of Political Science

Vanja Popov, Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Vojislav Popovic, Faculty of Political Science

Zorka Radlovic, Faculty of Political Science