news – 3 months since we launched our media outlet – 3 months since we launched our media outlet

Serbia After the Elections Online Event Summary

On Jun 26th, 2020, Libertarian Club - Libek hosted an online event "Serbia After the Elections: Covid-19, Economy and Political Developement...

We launched our media outlet – (The Wave) exactly three months ago.

Talas offers new and interesting content with a distinct perspective on current social and political events and issues.

In the three months that we have been working, we have tackled topics such as taxi protests, gas prices, economic freedom, successful stories of individuals and states, running, cryptocurrencies, as well as various trends in politics, economics, technology and culture.

We are especially proud of the interviews we counducted with ambitious individuals concerning their motivation and political, personal and professional plans. Our most popular interview was with Pedja Mitrovic, one of the youngest representatives in Belgrade City Parliament.

Aside from our articles, we have recently started producing videos. The video that introduced this new form of content is titled „Days of Youth on Goli otok“:

Our most popular content is the following:

  1. Why are taxi drivers protesting?
  2. If you think gas prices are too high, you should address the Government
  3. What does having "the most powerful army in the region" mean?

Kako ovo de bude na eng – najčitaniji tekstovi?

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