Students Complete the Public Policy Academy Six

The sixth generation of students has graduated from the Public Policy Academy, the flagship educational program of Libek.

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The sixth generation of students has graduated from the Public Policy Academy, the flagship educational program of Libek.

The graduation ceremony was organized on Saturday, Jun 24th, in the offices of the Libertarian Club – Libek, where the staff, donors, lecturers and partners welcomed the new generation of graduates.

Miloš Nikolić, the President of Libek, congratulated the 18 graduates who have successfully finished the program, and announced their introduction to the Alumni Community of Libek, now numbering over 300 high profile students and young professionals perceived as the future leaders of the society in Serbia in their respective areas of interest. During the ceremony, Libek introduced the graduates to the opportunities for further education and promotion of the ideas of liberty, facilitated by the organization and its partners in Serbia and around the world, and announced formation of the Alumni Council, and advisory which will help facilitate better and stronger relationships within the alumni community and help connect the alumni to the partners of the organization.

The Public Policy Academy is a two – semester program for excellent college students from Serbia. It has been recognized as a leading educational program in the civil society of Serbia. During the course of the Academy, participants attend compulsory and optional courses in various fields, facilitated by the leading experts from Serbia and abroad. Besides the compulsory main program, where the participants learn to understand public policy from a libertarian perspective, the participants get to choose between a variety of subprograms – from political and economic theory, debate, economic journalism policy analysis and public opinion polling and research. The programs also has a mentorship program in which the participants are matched with mentors who assist them in realization of their goals. With its network of around 50 lecturers and over 30 mentors, the program ensures great access to opportunities for all of the interested participants.

The students of the year was Filip Mihalić, who earned the biggest number of points in the program, by having a great attendance, homework and extracurricular activity score. For this outstanding achievement, Filip was awarded with the book “Civilization” by Niall Ferguson.

Libek would also like to use this opportunity to thank all of our donors and partners who made this program possible.