The „Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“ Program Successfully Completed

The first generation of students of Libek's new educational program, „Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“ graduated from the pro...

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The first generation of students of Libek's new educational program, „Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“ graduated from the program on Jun 18th. The program presents an important innovation in the work of Libek and an addition to the efforts to promote individual freedom in Serbia and the Balkans region.

The graduation ceremony was lead by Miloš Nikolić, the president of Libek, who presented the students with their diplomas. Special thanks were given to the experts and lecturers who made this program possible, along with our donors. The program was introduced in 2017, as an addition to already established programs, such as the Public Policy Academy, and the Politics of the Individual seminars.

The „Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“ program is a three month long program, during which the participants learn about totalitarian movements of the 20th century, their ideologies, psychology and power dynamics behind them, the way they rise to power, preserve power and dissolve. On the program, special space is given to the discussions about the role of science, religion and the individual in totalitarian countries, as well as opinions on the future of totalitarianism in the context of new technology, changing global political context, use of artificial intelligence, surveilance, and perceived global threats. The lecturers on the program are top level experts in the fields from history, psychology, science, religion, art and culture, from Serbia, including experts affiliated with renowned international universities, such as the Oxford University, Boston University, and many others. A special session included a discussion with Ljiljana Pekić, wife of one of the most famous Serbian dissidents and most popular writers, Borislav Pekić. The students also take part in an interactive „The Century of Terror“ guided walking tour in Belgrade.

On the graduation ceremony, students were encouraged to apply for the Public Policy Academy, the most comprehensive program of Libek, or take part in other programs or events organized by Libek.