„Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“ Program Kicks Off in Libek

The new educational program of Libek, the „Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“, has started in Libek this week.

Libek Organizes a Panel Discussion on Government Spending in Serbia

On May 27th, Libertarian Club – Libek organized a panel discussion called „How does government spend our money“ at Hilton Belgrade.

The new educational program of Libek, the „Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“, has started in Libek this week.

The participants in the program were welcomed by Miloš Nikolić, the president of Libek.

The program is an important upgrade to the educational programs of Libek. The „Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism“ opens up a new opportunity for intellectual development of the participants and empowers them in their efforts to promote a free and responsible society.

The topic, relevant in the light of the new authoritarian populist trends in the Western world, will be covered from a multidisciplinary perspective – historical, political, economic, psychological, and legal aspect. In addition, the role and position of culture, science and religion in totalitarian thought and practice will be taken in consideration, to present a wider picture. The goal of the program is to provide the participants with basis for critical analysis of contemporary trends. To achieve this, the program starts with the past – the totalitarian and authoritarian trends of the mid twentieth century.

The first lecture was held by Vladimir Petrović, a historian and a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Contemporary History of Serbia. The topic of the opening lecture was the definition of totalitarianism, its characteristics, and the ascent to power of totalitarian regimes.

During the program, the students will have chance to take part in several interactive activities, besides the lectures. An important part of the course will be the guided walk – „The Century of Terror“, which will lead the participants through location in Belgrade which are relevant to the topic of the program.

Proudly we present the first generation of the participiants at the program ,,Introduction to the Studies of Totalitarianism” :

1. Aleksandar Hadžić, Student, Faculty of Law

2. Aleksandra Marković, PhD student, Faculty of Philosophy

3. Aleksandra Pavić, Student, Faculty of Economics

4. Bojana Latinović, Master student, Faculty of Political Sciences

5. Boris Spahić, BA in Political Science

6. Damir Jelisavčić, Journalist

7. Klara Pelhe, MA in Political Science

8. Konstantin Lijaković, Student, Faculty of Political Sciences

9. Lazar Ivić, Student, Faculty of Political Sciences

10. Marija Marić, Student, Faculty of Political Sciences

11. Marija Milisavljević, Psychologist

12. Marijana Đorđević, BA in Political Science – International Affairs

13. Milorad Stevović, Student, Faculty of Political Sciences

14. Monika Milosavljević, Professor, Faculty of Philosophy

15. Nikola Malić, Lawyer

16. Ninoslav Rupić, Master student, Faculty of Philosophy

17. Predrag Petrović, Social Media Marketing Expert

18. Radmilo Marković, Journalist

19. Stefan Dimitrijević, Student, Faculty of Political Sciences

20. Teodora Orestijević, Communications Manager

21. Teodora Rešetar, Student, Faculty of Philology

22. Uroš Tešić, Student, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

23. Zorica Isailović, Student, Faculty of Law