Admir Čavalić: We are restoring Freedom big time!

When we look a few years back, I think we can be optimistic. The stabilization of regional relations, as well as cooperation in the politic...

Libek Organizes a Panel Discussion on Government Spending in Serbia

On May 27th, Libertarian Club – Libek organized a panel discussion called „How does government spend our money“ at Hilton Belgrade.

Admir Čavalić, representative and founder of association Multi from Tuzla, was one of the participants at the second regional meeting. With his project, which includes the promotion of freedom in the Balkans, Admir claimed victory in the competition "Shark Thank". Beside the project, we talked about current political and economic situation in the region, as well as ways of improving it.

1. How do you assess the existing political relations in the region as well as the current economic cooperation in this field?

When we look a few years back, I think we can be optimistic. The stabilization of regional relations, as well as cooperation in the political field, have visibly improved. As a libertarian
organization, we notice that, trough the last few months, relations between regional libertarian organizations intensified. I think that he main causes of that are the same problems that we share as transitional countries. Also, we have a common enemy, huge state apparatus and administration. On our common path towards the European Union, it is essential to understand that sooner or later we have to face this enemy and let economy to the market. Therefore, I believe that the regional cooperation is really useful in order to share experiences and jointly solve problems. Despite the political problems and disputes in the last 20 years, it's inevitable that we integrate economically.

2. How did you come up with the idea to organize festival in Sarajevo?

If we analyze the libertarian organizations and the organizations in the Balkans that are struggling to improve the economic, political and other types of freedom, it can be clearly seen that they have explosive growth in the past five years. Therefore, I thought is was time for all of us to unite. I think that Sarajevo is a great place for such an event because of the central position that occupies within Yugosphere, and, compared to other countries, is neutral. This festival, that is going to be held in September, is great opportunity to present all of our projects, works, ideas and everyday activities. We expect the connection, not only between local and regional, but also between participants from all around the world.

3. What are the goals of the festival and for whom it is primarily intended?

The primary objective is to change the culture and cultural patterns. This region is characterized by fifty years of communism as such as long period under the great empires.Due to this fact our cultures are lacking built individualistic code that exists in the United States and Western Europe. With this festival we want to restore freedom in a big way, therefore, the change of cultural patterns is our ultimate long-term goal. We have to understand that, more or less, each of us is responsible for their own fate. There are no such things as large state or anyone else who should solves our problems. It is important to teach our children to struggle since childhood, and that is why this festival is primarily intended for young people. Also, our focus is to have young leaders, who can change our society for better, as the participants. We would like to get young people closer to those ideas.

4. To what extent do you perceive that this meeting will contribute to the development and promotion of values of the individual freedom and responsibility in the future?

Overall, I think the meeting was very useful. When you have so many different minds from differend countries in the one place, it's inevitable that is's going to result a multitude of new ideas. The productivity of this meeting is also reflected in the fact that everyone got a specific set of tasks that should begin to implement from January. For the first time we have a clear agenda of what are we supposed to do for the next year at the regional level. Primarily, I am referring to the Forum that is going to be held in mid-year in Macedonia, and then certainly the festival in Sarejevo, in September. Although we all knew each other before, this meeting has fulfilled its purpose, which is to connect us even more. This is the first time that we are being targeted gathered in one place. I cerainly look forward to the future meetings.