Ideas of young entrepreneurs: How does society’s engine work?

We opened space for young entrepreneurs to share their experiences in business, but also to expose the greatest challenges with which they f...

Libek Organizes a Panel Discussion on Government Spending in Serbia

On May 27th, Libertarian Club – Libek organized a panel discussion called „How does government spend our money“ at Hilton Belgrade.

We opened space for young entrepreneurs to share their experiences in business, but also to expose the greatest challenges with which they faced when they were starting their, now successful, businesses.

Dušanka Ilić from „Kutpoint“ believes that lack of funds is often an excuse for lack of initiative. „Money is tenth on the list of problems you face when you venture into a business. Start-up is like a rollercoaster. It is more difficult to find the right team then to find money. Humans are beings of situations, you need to coordinate yourself in space constantly, you need to give your idea the execution it requires. Only the proper execution is what interests the investors“, said Ilić and gave an advice to future entrepreneurs: „Play around, you need to foster curiosity!“.

Vladimir Trkulja from „SEE ICT“ said that there is a psychological pressure of the environment on entrepreneurs. „How to gather people in one place, people that are ostracised by the society because it thinks that entrepreneurship is no good? Entrepreneurs are the one who solve problems. They operate in spite of the state, without paying attention to it. He who waits for the state has done nothing. State needs only to enable the creative to become educated and thus become more efficient“, Trkulja explained.

Director at the BITF, Gordana Danilović-Grković, said that „the incubator“ is there to ease regulations and expenses. „How an incubator can help is by offering training and counceling among students. This is hard but also most exciting work, and the potential is immeasurable, assessed Danilović-Grković and stressed the need for a bottom-up organization that would be an obstacle to state crippling of entrepreneurship.

Ivan Bjelajac from „Devana Technologies“ noted that there is a widespread opinion that starting a start-up is irrational. „It makes no sense to wait for a permanent job and static environment in the next 15 years“, said Bjelajac and added that Serbia doesn’t have bad business environment, but that the instability of the environment is causing problems.

Representative of Association of Small Businesses of Serbia, Svetlana Mojić („Salt&Water“ company) said that team work and energy is where the groups power lies: „We need to create an environment in which we will support each other. Our task as Association is to promote young entrepreneurs and provide training on seeking investments through workshops“. „It is wonderful to encounter untold stories of success“.

Panel was moderated by Petar Čekerevac, Executive Manager of Libek.