Reforms on the agenda: We gave floor to the liberal opposition

Panel „Reforms on the Agenda“ at the conference „Freedom and Reforms“, held at hotel Metropol, hosted leaders of political entities that are...

Libek Organizes a Panel Discussion on Government Spending in Serbia

On May 27th, Libertarian Club – Libek organized a panel discussion called „How does government spend our money“ at Hilton Belgrade.

Panel „Reforms on the Agenda“ at the conference „Freedom and Reforms“, held at hotel Metropol, hosted leaders of political entities that are pro-market oriented: Liberal-Democratic Party, Nova Party and movement „Dosta je bilo“. Panel was moderated by author and host of „Kažiprst“ political talk-show, Suzana Trninić.

Saša Radulović, president of „Dosta je bilo“ movement said that half a million small and micro firms are under great pressure from bureaucracy and that they are the only way out of crisis. „Reductions in payroll and pensions are not a reform. It is neccessary to lay off 100.000 people employed in the public sector that got there through party affiliation and that cost us over a billion euros a year“, said Radulović. Radulović, besides the lay off, suggested introduction of universal health care, cancelling of all subsidies and reductions of fiscal burden.

President of Nova Party, Zoran Živković, stated that the first step towards a way out of crisis is the dismissal of primeminister Aleksandar Vučić and his Government. „Every reform party that is performing an open brain surgery knows that they will not win their second term. Bravery to reform in Serbia ceased to exist in the first half of 2004. That is why we from Nova Party called for a new mobilization. Healthy part of Serbia has to detach itself from the part that is prepared to aid the regime“, said Živković and agreed with Radulović concerning methods of reaching citizens in a closed media athmosphere – internet and person-to-person campaign.

Čedomir Jovanović, president of LDP, said that these three political options are united around the stance that the current political situation is not a good one and that it needs to change, but also that differences between them are a normal thing. „We have no room to choose as politicians. We are dictated by circumstances what to do. Key problem of Serbia is, in my opinion, political. Politics comes before and after everything“, stated Jovanović and added that paradigm in Serbia has changed in comparison to the previous political period: „We can shove our heads into the sand, but world is still different. I was in front of B92. If Milošević had canceled „Utisak nedelje“ there would be 50.000 people there. All of us here were there, but still there were only 100 or 200 of us there“, and concluded that existence of these political options will depend on their ability and capacity to influence political events.