Taxpayers March announced – 20. 9. 2014. at 12 in front of SKC!

At press conference by Libek at Media Center, second Taxpayers March has been announced with a motto „Defend Your Wallet!“ and is sheduled f...

Libek Organizes a Panel Discussion on Government Spending in Serbia

On May 27th, Libertarian Club – Libek organized a panel discussion called „How does government spend our money“ at Hilton Belgrade.

At press conference by Libek at Media Center, second Taxpayers March has been announced with a motto „Defend Your Wallet!“ and is sheduled for Saturday, September 20th at 12am – from Student Cultural Center to the Finance Ministry.

Libek’s PR Manager Nikola Parun stated that Taxpayers March is a political response from citizens that aware of problems with public finances and increases in taxes and state spending:

„We call upon all citizens to join the Taxpayers March and raise their voices against state waste, VAT increase and public debt growth that amounts to over €2900 per citizen”, said Parun and stressed the expectation that Finance Ministry will see Libek’s delegation after the March. “We believe that the Ministry works on Saturday having in mind the economic crisis, and that Minister will have time to hear the voice of taxpayers”.

Miloš Nikolić, president of Libek, stated that Taxpayers March is a build up of Libek’s activities from previous years: “Libek is the only organization that raised its voice against increase in VAT in 2012, we assisted the hoteliers to counter a drastic increase in specific VAT rate in 2013, today we are hitting the streets again as we believe that citizens are not due to pay for irresponsible spending of public money by politicians”.

At the conference, economic side was presented as well. Economist Mihailo Gajić, Program Director of Research Department noticed that the public sector, besides high spending, also provides very poor services: “According to our research, Serbia has by far the most non-efficient public sector among all transition countries. The only way for public finances to mend, and for citizens to live better, is to decrease spending and not to enforce an increase in levies on people and economy”, said Gajić.

Economist Miroslav Prokopijević gave his support for this event and stated that the problem of enormous state spending is a global one, with effects especially harsh in developing countries such as Serbia. “Actions like these are necessary but not sufficient. I propose a “Fiscal Constitution” that would limit state spending and indebtness without regard to who is in power. Everything else is unsustainable”.

Taxpayers March has received support from experts, prominent public figures, several associations as well as Liberal-Democratic Party, Nova Party and “Dosta je bilo” movement.