Public Policy Academy

Public Policy Academy is our most important educational program. The program itself was launched in 2012 and until today has become a leading program in the region in the study of political philosophy of freedom, market economy principles and other relevant social issues.

Public Policy Academy is the most prominent educational program of Libek and the most comprehensive political education program outside the universities of Serbia.

The Academy is a two semester program for comprehensive political, professional and intellectual development for high profile university students. The academy introduces the talented young people to the fundamentals of libertarian philosophy, legal theory, economics, and many other fields relevant for full understanding of public policy processes from the libertarian perspective.

The curriculum of the Academy consists of the Main Program, Creative Program, and mandatory and elective courses in topics such as public opinion research, economic research, debate, evolutionary psychology, economic journalism, entrepreneurship, etc.

So far the Academy has been attended by around 100 participants, many of whom have become leaders of the libertarian student movement in Serbia and globaly, some of the most prominent students of their generations, young business leaders, non – profit leaders or political leaders.

The lecturers at the Academy are prominent intellectual leaders, non – profit leaders, business people, members of the parliament, current and former ministers and advisors in the government, academic authorities, activists and artists.