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Free and ResponsibleFree and Responsible

Liberal Policy Academy


Slika The Liberal Policy Academy is the award-winning project of the Libertarian Club. The project will start in February 2012 and will consist of a semester long educational program for the students of political science, economics, law and related disciplines. The participants will learn how to analyze public policy from the libertarian perspective, write policy proposals and advocate the ideas of individual liberty, free market and limited government. The program will also offer opportunities for internships and further learning.

The Documentaries

SINCE 2009.

Slika The Libertarian Club has created two documentaries so far. The first documentary, called "Answers of Freedom" was released in 2009 and targeted the academic audience. The documentary was used at the biggest political science school in the country.

The second documentary, called "Free and Responsible" targets wider audiences and was released in 2011. So far it has been seen by thousands of people in Serbia and the region.

Free Market vs. Social Welfare Seminar

JULY 2011.

Slika The project with the youth of the political parties in Serbia and the Balkans. The seminar explains the basic principles of the free market and offers an analysis of the revisions within the liberal thought, giving examples of the bad policies of the welfare state. The participants took part in the workshops that encourage them to come up with new public policy proposals. The seminar was held for the first time at the Regional Summer School for Young Liberals at Zlatibor.

Liber Tea

SINCE 2010.

Slika Informal gatherings of of people interested in the ideas of Liberty and the work of the Libertarian Club, in Belgrade coffee shops.

Politics of the Individual – Seminars for High School Students

SINCE 2010.

Slika A continuous project with different modules for high school students, university students and the members of the political parties. The weekend seminars introduce the participants to the libertarian philosophy through lectures and interactive workshops. So far the Libertarian Club has organized seminars in Belgrade, Kladovo, Niš, Novi Sad and Kragujevac and Pančevo, for over 130 participants.

Crash Course in Liberalism


Slika A course on Liberalism for the students of the Belgrade Open School. The course consisted of lectures and discussions.